LOBMEYR: Bohemian Crystal

Originally founded in 1823 by Joseph Lobmeyr, this sixth-generation family business is still visionary in glassware craftsmanship.

The revival of the Bohemia crystal glasswork by son Ludwig Lobmeyr in 1864 was significant by reinstating elegance and refinement into everyday objects.

Lobmeyr’s collaboration with a wide range of designers including Joseph Hoffman, Adolf Loos and Oswald Haerdtl was at the forefront of design at this time. Together they produced such iconic glassware as the 1925 “drinking set” showcasing the first design of the modern martini glass.

Today, Lobmeyr remains one of the leading Viennese crystal glass manufacturers in the world and produces the exact same enduring designs of these masters of innovation and style.


Drinking Set No 4.
Designed by Ludwig Lobmeyr, 1856

Lobmeyr's most successful Drinking Set to date and belonging to an overall collection of roughly one hundred sets designed by Ludwig Lobmeyr. In its simplicity and functionality, the series is designated as the origin of the modern wine glass in museum collections and publications.

Drinking Set No 283.
Designed by Mark Braun, 2010

The carafe was originally designed for VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2010 as part of a series on Austrian water. In 2011, the project was expanded and presented at the “Salone” in Milan.

Drinking Set 238, "Patrician".
Designed by Joseph Hoffmann, 1917

A true classic. Using very fine muslin glass, mouth-blown in wooden moulds: the perfect elegance.

Flower Vase BV13.
Designed by Oswald Haerdtl, 1927

Plucked from the archives, this series of vases is created from a collection of sketches by Oswald Haerdtl. The collection features 3 sizes, with the largest being favoured for dry Japanese Ikebana arrangements.