About Neil

Working across London, New York and Sydney, Neil Bradford Design is renowned for elegantly spare interiors that are inviting, intelligent and inspiring in equal measures. From towering high-end apartments in Belgravia and Manhattan to country houses in the sylvan calm of upstate New York and secluded resorts on the turquoise waters of the Whitsunday islands, his designs are as liveable as they are enduring.

According to Bradford, It's all about what is appropriate. His designs take into account not only the spatial and decorative concerns of the project, but also the personality of the client.

With thirty years of international experience, Neil Bradford says good design is an almost intuitive process. "You walk into a room and you know almost instinctively what has to be done," he says. "I am an editor as much as a designer. I simply put order in and make it work as a whole."

For someone who "doesn’t do fashion" Neil Bradford has worked on numerous high-profile residential and luxe commercial projects, from award-winning Sydney restaurants to five-star luxury Melbourne hotels. At The Residence, overlooking Sydney's Hyde Park, he succeeded in creating a calm and tranquil respite from the excitement and power of the harbour city twenty floors below.

His hallmarks of fine upholstery, craftsmanship, high detail and an edited palette ensure a clean, contemporary look with a natural sense of comfort and harmony. It's an approach that has built Neil Bradford Design a dedicated and discerning clientele.

"It’s not about me" says Bradford. "It's about my client, and it's about design that is enduring, respectful, creative and balanced."

In July 2017, Neil launched Bradford, a retail studio located on tree-lined Macleay Street in Potts Point, Sydney.

The space showcases some of Neil’s favourite designers and artists, most of which were near impossible to find in Australia along with Bradford collection, a small range of bespoke furniture that he originally designed for interior clients and projects. All pieces are hand crafted in Australia and are upholstered using the finest of fabrics.