We showcase a small selection of art in store, these change seasonally. 

Exhibitions include Christian Astuguevieille, Christopher Firmstone, Jodie Boffa, Lee Bae, Paul Ferman and Ross Honeysett.

We have partnered with Art Money. Pay over 10 months, no interest. For applications, visit their website

Christian Astuguevieille

Designer, Christian Astuguevieille has created some of the worlds most iconic products. His use of natural rope and painted cotton cord creates sculptural pieces that add texture, interest, and intrigue to a space, standing out in handsome and artful innovation.

“Making tactile pieces is key for me, whether it be a table, a chair or a perfume bottle. I love playing with contradictions and confusing people’s expectations of what an object should be.”

In addition to his pieces adorned with rope, Christian has been the artistic director for Comme des garcon fragrances since 1994. Prior to this, he worked with Rochas on fragrance and created exclusive jewellery collections for Lanvin, Hermes and Nina Ricci.

Christopher Firmstone

Chris's fascination with the square led him to create a collection based around this form. Mixed media works from paint to the use of aluminium. 

Christopher Firmstone is the newest artist to show at Bradford.

Jodie Boffa

A fashion designer and industry icon since the 1980’s, Jodie has now led her hand to a range of one-off artworks using mixed media from crayon to collage, working on paper.

Neil Bradford, a long-time friend worked with Jodie to curate this collection which is exclusively stocked at Bradford.

Lee Bae

Lee Bae grew up in Seoul, South Korea before moving to Paris France in 1990. Lee concentrates on one evocative power: the material.

Using charcoal to create abstract forms, milky white resin and layers of acrylic paint, these are the foundations and “real skin” of his paintings.

The finished product contains gracious lines, shadows of weightlessness that create a striking contrast between force and lightness.

Paul Ferman

Born in Hamburg in 1948 then relocating to Sydney in 1950, Paul Fermans take on photography is often mistaken for abstract however it is his manipulation of somewhat classic imagery that creates this abstract assumption. Drawing inspiration from Shakespears King Lear to the neon lights of downtown Tokyo, Paul plays with scale and distortion to create a unique look at the world.

Ross Honeysett

Ross’s photography career has spanned across fashion to fine arts. His early work in minimalist street photography led to his current interest in photographing architecture and places of importance.

His approach has been described as timeless, minimal, insightful and yet honest and without pretence.

Ross works across London, Paris and Sydney.