LASVIT: The Power of Collaborations

Lasvit is a creative hub of glassmaking talents, fresh ideas, and daring designs.

This young, progressive Czech glassmaking and design company inspires the world with its breathtaking custom-made installations exhibited all over the world, as well as with their unique lighting and glassware collections made from hand-blown glass.

This original approach captivated design professionals and made Lasvit an award-winning company. In 2018 Lasvit won the design “oscar” at Salone del mobile.

Radiant Vase by Patricia Urquiola

Weighing in at 15Kg's and launched into the market in 2015. The radiant vase explores Glass Blowing and cutting techniques.


Yakisugi by Kengo Kuma

The renowned Japanese architect drew his inspiration from a technique for preserving construction timber by charring its surface, known in Japan as Shou-Sugi-Ban or Yakisugi.

This ancient technique uses charring wood as a means to preserve it without the need of painting or sealing, an aspect leading to the current revival of this technique in eco-friendly architecture.

Adapting this process to the centuries-old glass craft technique enabled a contemporary design that is unique for every single piece of hand-blown glass.


Born Broken by Jakub Berdych

Inspired by the craft itself, these vases remind us of the otherwise unseen aspects of glass production – its production errors. each hand-blown shape is broken into several segments and their edges additionally hammered to create a pattern visually similar to cutting.

The individual pieces are reheated and joined into one unit, creating a safe and compact surface, but retaining their intriguing random patterns.


Otto by Yabu Pushelberg

The design for the otto glassware collection was approached with a balance of refined detailing, applied to both the rustic qualities and the precise craftsmanship of each piece. Alternating radial and tangential cut lines provide dramatic texture to careful line work and the well-defined silhouettes of the otto collection.


Candy Vase by Campana Brothers

The Candy tableware now complements existing lighting sculptures, and the Candy collection builds on the colourful universe explored and expressed through glass.

The collection is inspired by colourful candies, and the brightness of the glass combined with the palette of colours and the visual aspect of the colourful lines make you imagine the piece as a delicious candy. Lollipop!