ADS Ceramics - Australia


Italian born and Sydney based maker, Alessandro di Sarno, always had an interest in art and design however his creative journey into ceramics began when he started using handmade pottery in restaurant kitchens whilst following a culinary dream.

“I love creating things with my hands, so for me working with clay, a primitive material so directly connects to earth and the natural environment, is compelling. The versatility of the medium is what allows me to experiment with new forms, shapes and textures, each piece a direct reflection of my encounter with it. Ceramic objects can look extremely static, and so in my work I attempt to bring attention to the movement and motion that exists within ceramic forms. Every physical mark and imperfection acts as a record of my interaction with the clay, making each piece unique in their own way. The aesthetic of simple and natural forms has stemmed from my interest in traditional Japanese pottery, where these imperfections are embraced as a form of beauty”.

Alessandro works with different types of stoneware and porcelain. All his pieces are hand thrown on a potter’s wheel or press moulded.