New Designer: MI-WON MCGHEE

Mi-Won McGhee is a South Korean-born British ceramicist, currently living and running a ceramics studio in Glasgow, Scotland. Each handcrafted piece takes up to 3 weeks to create.

"I’m a control freak so I buy powdered porcelain to mix it myself, then I make the form, fire it, draw on it and glaze it to finish. If I have that control, then I know exactly what the final outcome will be.

I make plaster models of the vases before I make the moulds. I like making big pieces, I only work with porcelain which is quite a tricky material to work with but it provides a very good and versatile ‘canvas’ for my drawings.

Galleries or people who buy my work like that that’s the way I work and every piece has been made entirely by me.

I sell in several galleries in the world, and occasionally people will contact me to commission a vase to ship to them if they have seen my work in a gallery. I also make the wooden boxes to transport my vases. I was asked to make a vase for Apple’s chief design officer, Jonathan Ive’s 50th birthday a couple of years ago through my work being seen in a London gallery."


Bradford Potts Point Homewares Interior DesignerBradford Potts Point Homewares Interior DesignerBradford Potts Point Homewares Interior Designer 


Above is the vase gifted to Sir Jonathan Ives which is available at Bradford, in addition to the styles below.


Quote by Mi-Won McGhee is from an interview by Elaine Livingstone which featured in Glasgow Live.